Thank you to the team at Diana Wakeham Photography,

I'm just going through my photo's again and I keep thinking to myself "What a absolute wonderful job you have done". I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say "Thank you so much for you wonderful photo's".

Your product is exactly what I wanted and you were so professional to work with and your package was so affordable.
I shopped around a fair bit prior to deciding on a photographer and I almost got swept up in the fancy flair of some of the other photographers packages and now I look back and thank god I didn't pay those unbelievable, extortionate prices. I almost signed up for a package that would of had me paying off my photos for the next 3 yrs and that didn't even give me the right to all the photo's. How crazy is that?

In the end I used my gut to decide and I got the best feeling from you. Your honesty and your sincerity to provide a down to earth affordable package, whilst still providing a fantastic product with such a creative flair is what guided me towards choosing you.

So I just wanted you to know to keep doing what you are doing, as you do it very well, and make a purchasing wedding photos so much more affordable than many others.

Kind regards, Kristy Grogan


Dear Diana and the Team at Diana Wakeham Photography.

Thank you for providing us with beautiful memories of our wedding day.

Your friendly manner and calm approach were reassuring as was the obvious knowledge and confidence of what you were doing. We have been amazed to see some of the shots you took during the ceremony because we can honestly say that you were not at all intrusive – we can hardly recall seeing you taking these photos!

We are very happy with the quality of the shots and of the colour editing that you have done. We have loved the mix of posed and spontaneous shots. The freedom for us, in our own time, to select photos for enlargement and to include in the wedding photo book we have created electronically, was one of the reasons we felt you would be the photographer for us. We didn’t have the pressure of choosing shots and meeting someone else’s deadline. We have been able to take a leisurely and personal approach to selecting and arranging the beautiful array of shots that you presented us with.
Your ability also to develop rapport with the different groupings of people for photos was impressive and we sent all our guests one of the group photos along with the thank you cards. It is a lovely memento of the day.

We are also very appreciative of the time you took to come with us to the hospital to take photos with my father. We treasure these photos particularly now as they capture the happiness he shared with us on our wedding day.

Thank you once again for the care you took in capturing the precious moments of our wedding day.

Yours sincerely,
Tony and Maureen


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